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Products Briefing

Brief introduction for the products available for sale.
(Due to currently being in the process of maintenance for relevant product pages, some are available only by linking to PDF catalogue, for which your kind acceptance shall be much appreciated.)

RF/Microwave Component

Thermal Offset Attenuator

  • The Compact size (2.00 × 1.25mm ・ t = 0.55mm) saves space.
  • Thermal variable type that attenuates with high reproducibility depending on ambient temperature.
  • High sensitivity to temperature change performs quick analog correction.
  • Excellent characteristics over a wide frequency band. (DC to 6GHz)
  • Optimal choices can be selectable from 90 varieties of temperature curves consists of 10 attenuation values with 9 TCA slopes each.

Quoted from features of AFT series product

Fixed Attenuator

  • Attenuation circuit integrated on single chip through thin film technology achieves excellent characteristics over very wide Frequency band. (DC~20GHz)
  • Unique face-down design provides good attenuation without affects to signal quality.
  • A lineup of 4 sizes from 1005 size to 3216 size
  • The temperature coefficient of attenuation is small and has high stability against temperature change.
  • Custom products such as impedance conversion are also available.

Quoted from features of HSA series product

Other line ups of RF/Microwave products will be uploaded soon.

Typical RF/μWave Products Overview


Higher performance tailored NTC thermistor

  • Higher performance tailored NTC thermistor that High performance thermistor catered to as full-customized product under integrated production throughout all the process from material blending, firing and down to final process. Extremely higher in design freedom for various tunable such as configuration, characteristic and so on.

Microwave NTC thermistor (Embedded Type)

 Developed for μ/RF application. Quite lower stray capacitance feature has been realized through unique thermistor material and structure design that could constrain frequency induced impedance drifts to achieve stable temperature detection over wider operating band like DC to C or V band or more.

Thick Film Chip NTC Thermistor

  • High performance thermistor material has been successful in converting the form of film to be printed on robust ceramic substrate and coated with insulation glass overcoat same as general chip configuration through MP- oriented film technology. New structural SMD thermistor with excellent in both electrical characteristic and cost performance.
  • Achieved the industry-wide topped thermal response speed and extremely higher reliability that would be compliant with AEC-Q200.
  • Part of series is UL1434 compliant and some other part of series is could be accommodating to upper limited operating temperature of 150deg.C


Thick Film Chip Resistor

  • 2W was assured on 2512 compared to conventionally within TCR of +/-100ppcs/deg. C.
  • based protective film with excellent heat and weather resistance.
  • he temperature rise is reduced by the material/structure that is excellent in heat dissipation.
  • Both reflow and flow solderable. AEC-Q200 compliant.

Quoted from features of 2TR series product

Metal Shunt Resistor

  • Power type up to 5W
  • Covering wider milliohm range up to 50 milliohm
  • Accommodating thermal expansion with its lead
  • Air gap contributes for thermal isolation from PWB
  • Tighter tolerance and lower TCR
  • Non-inductive version
  • Higher long-term stability and reliability

Quoted from features of BAR series product

Pure Metal Thick Film Current Sensing Chip Resistor

  • Thicker enough layer in pure metal with excellent Anti-corrosiveness that has been achieved higher reliability and lasting longevity.
  • Accommodating with wider resistance range covering from 20m to 100ohm.
  • Can be usable for wider range of current detecting and management applications./li>
  • Adhesion between resistive element and base material (Alumina) is quite dense and solid, which could be excellent in thermal dispersion and load power withstanding

※Quoted from features of ULR series product

Metal Plate Current Sensing Chip Resistor

  • Metal plate resistor structure
  • 2512 case size with power rating of 2W, 3W
  • Intended to accommodate for higher volume MP that achieved generous capacity.
  • Excellent in anti-pulse capability
  • Pure metal alloy employed for resistive element
  • Higher in precision and stability was realized.
  • Optimizing for various current sensing applications

※Quoted from features of SLR series product

Metal Foil Resistor

  • Metal Foil resistive element, excellent anti-corrosion.
  • High Reliability & High Productivity SMD Low-R Value resistor utilizing special electrical characteristics of Pure Metal and High productivity of Alumina Chip construction
  • Resistive element under Alumina chip ceramic, structurally Good in RF-performance ,and T.C.R.
  • Excellent Radiation ensuring Top class High Rated power in SMD resistors.
  • Silver Less construction itself providing Anti Sulfurated performance.
  • Special structure buffering mechanical stress on Temperature Cycle or Heat shock condition, reducing solder-crack.
  • High Heat Proof type or Low thermo EMF type are available in variety of series constructions.

※Quoted from features of FLR series product

Metal Plate Resistor

  • Low Resistance 0.25mΩ≦
  • Low TCR ±50ppm/℃
  • Excellent long term stability
  • RoHs compliant and halogen free.
  • Lead free.
  • High precision current sensing and voltage division.
  • AEC-Q200 qualified available.

※Quoted from features of YMA series product

High Current Jumper Chip resistor

  • Low Resistance (Less than 0.2mΩ )
  • Maximum current 100A (YMJ6432JT)
  • Resistive element under Alumina chip ceramic, structurally Good in RF-performance ,and T.C.R.
  • Low inductance
  • RoHs compliant and halogen free.
  • Lead free.
  • AEC-Q200 qualified available.

※Quoted from features of YMJ series product

Axial Leaded Resister

  • Easy to PWB mounting
  • High in stability, precision
  • Small package
  • Premium grade principally for industrial and professional use.
  • Tolerance: +/-0.1%
  • Low parasitic inductance.
  • Resistance coverage down to Low resistance range (down to 10mohm)
  • Reference standard:
    • MIL-R-26E
    • MIL-R-39007
    • JSS 50402 [RFHT-1]
    • IEC QC

※Quoted from features of JLP series product

Radial Resister

  • Power rating from 2W to 8W
  • Radial resistor with crimped fiber core
  • Direct Insertion on PCB
  • Non-flammable and higher isolation resistor
  • Selectable for lead height
  • Reference standard:
    • IEC 115-1

※Quoted from features of JGR series product

tubular power resistor

  • High thermal withstanding silicon coating
  • Higher precision and lower TCR
  • Non-inductive type available
  • JSS50402 certified since 1977
  • High Surge withstanding type available
  • Reference standard:
    • IS 8909
    • JSS 50402 [RFHT-2]

※Quoted from features of JPR series product

Ceramic Cased Resistor with cement filling

  • Power rating: 2 to 20W
  • Higher overload capability
  • Higher moisture resistance
  • Non-flammable and higher isolation resistor
  • Lower surface temperature
  • All welded construction for high specification parts

※Quoted from features of JBA series product

Ceramic cased wire-wound fusible resister

  • Sharp fusing characteristic and higher safety
  • All-in-one type would be contributed for reducing plugging and handling cost
  • Vertical plugging type saves space on PCB
  • Higher Anti-surge and higher reliable wire material used

※Quoted from features of RU series product

Aluminum Cased High Power Wire-wound Resistor with cement filling

  • Non-flammable structure offers excellent safety
  • Excellent anti-surge characteristic structure suitable for power supply circuit
  • Higher uniform quality and reliability maintained through well-selected material on automated machine

※Quoted from features of RF_W series product


Metal Clad Power Resister

  • Power rating: 25 to 50W
  • Aluminum housing structure
  • Excellent stability in operation
  • Non-inductive, higher precision type
  • All-welded construction for maximum reliability
  • Molded construction for excellent environmental protection
  • Reference standard:
    • BS CESS 40203-001
    • MIL-R-18546

※Quoted from features of JHA series product

Power Solid Shunt Resister

Resistance range: 50μOhm and over
TCR: +/-50ppm/deg. C and over.
Handing current: up to 600A
Tolerance: +/-1% to 5%

 Design tailored current detecting resistor for higher current handling.
 Conductive and resistive are structured by metal plate. Ultra-low resistance range realized through distinctive welding technology and structural design.
 Achieved robust load power withstanding and excellent current detecting accuracy
 for higher current application where conventionally resistive current detection was considered uncomfortable.
※ Could you please feel free to contact our sales associates for details due to customizing lineup.

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